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Welcome to Yoga at the Centre for Natural Pain Solutions

Winnipeg’s newest yoga therapy and fitness studio at Centre for Natural Pain Solutions. CFNPS is a unique multi disciplinary clinic that offers on site specific yoga or fitness therapy  to help people manage their ailments and improve their health. We are located at  Broadway and Balmoral in downtown Winnipeg. Our newly built yoga and fitness studio is specialized for small intimate class sizes to help individual needs.

Yoga Therapy seeks to provide a solution, as the people who experience these limitations are often those who can benefit from this practice the most. A person who can’t touch her toes has far more to gain from yoga than someone who can walk in and breeze through the poses. Our facilitators, in addition to being qualified yoga instructors, are also educated as remedial massage therapists. They are uniquely qualified to assess and understand each practitioner’s condition, with a solid foundation in anatomy, physiology, pathology, and orthopedic assessment.

Yoga Therapy will guide you towards restoring balance and managing chronic pain.

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Our Yoga Therapy CLasses

  • Yoga for Chronic Back Pain

    This course is devoted to the restoration of health of the spine. Perhaps you’ve herniated a lumbar disc, you have an SI joint…

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  • Fundamentals of Yoga

    If you’ve never taken a class, or you would really like to understand what Yoga is all about and how to begin a practice…

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Our Yoga Therapists

Check out our qualified yoga instructors and educated as remedial massage therapists.

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